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This is Joe. He always wanted to become a game developer, but being

from the 16-bit era meant that the big console companies would charge
him more than his life savings to publish a game. But he has heard of
an old wise man who lives in the 1-bit caves, an 8-bit character who
can help him on his way to becoming a game developer in a new era of
DIY home consoles. Help Joe collect all of the talismans and find the wise
man to start him on his journey to becoming a game developer!

Punk Type - Magic Punk / 1-bit Punk / just Punk

Installation - Copy the Joe folder to the root and flash joe.bin using your computer or with the pokitto loader.

“Joe is one of, if not the, most well-rounded games ever on Pokitto” - Jonne
“I like the end and the opening for a sequel… i laughed out loud at…” - Vampirics
“Didn’t run into any bugs as far as I’ve played.” - Torbuntu
“That is so cool! Keep it a secret for as long as you can.” - Jonne
“The music, the graphics, the story, very nice indeed” - Hanski

Install instructions

Copy the joe folder to the root of your MicroSD card and flash joe.bin either with the loader or through your computer.

Best played at full volume.


Joe_Punk_Jam_2020.zip 10 MB
Joe_punk_jam_2020_source.zip 88 kB

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